• Bryce Liu

IV Debate Campers: Thank you!

Hello everyone!

IV Debate Camp is officially over, and what a journey it has been! We were able to teach 100+ campers in these past two sessions! We here at IV had a blast teaching all of y'all about speaking and debate, and we hope y'all had just as much fun. Unfortunately, though, all amazing things must come to an end. Here is a message to go before you forget about us completely:

1. If you enjoyed what you learned, and feel like it really helped, please don't forget to leave a donation! We are a non-profit, meaning we don't have a reliable source of revenue.

2. If you haven't had enough debate for the summer, don't worry! In Virtute Debate will be having private lessons ALL YEAR! Sign-up is on our website under the "Our Projects" page. Each hourly lesson is $15. Please pay by donating prior to the lesson. Lessons are free for underprivileged debaters.

We hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the summer, and don't forget to stay sharp on speaking! Stay safe, be productive, and have fun!

Here are some pictures from camp:

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